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 The Second International Conference on Publication Research
30 May, 2022 - Tehran, Iran

ACECR Publications, in association with University of Science and Culture warmly invites manuscripts in any area of publication research for individual or joint papers for its Second International Conference on Publication Research. Contributions addressing the conference special theme, “Persian Contemporary Literature: Cultural Dimensions”, are especially welcome.

It is a clear intention of the organizers to put together a wide spectrum of the best research in professional research on the subject matter of publication with both disciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches. The conference welcomes presentations in English and Persian languages.

Abstracts for individual papers should not exceed 250 words. Closing date for abstract submissions is 4 April, 2022.

Please submit your abstract including paper title, authors’ affiliation and contact details, and a short bio (approx. 50 words) via our online submission system. You will need to register before submission. Participation at the Second International Conference on Publication Research is not subject to registration fee; however, expenses related to travel, accommodation, transportation, and the like are not covered by the organizers. For further information on the conference venue, please click here.

To download conference poster, you can click here.

For further information or if you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Second International Conference on Publication Research welcomes papers in various domains of research including but not limited to the following themes.

Publication Research
• Academic Publication: Opportunities and Challenges
• Economics of Publication and Marketing Strategies
• Publication Policies
• Needs Assessment, Content, and Audience Analysis
• Intellectual Property Rights and Professional Ethics
• Soft and Hard Technologies in Publication
• Electronic Publishing and Digital Content
• Book Promotion and Culture of Reading
• Library and Information Science

Persian Contemporary Literature: Cultural Dimensions
• Popular Culture and Folklore Literature
• Theory and Method in Contemporary Literature
• Trend Studies in Contemporary Poetry
• Trend Studies in Contemporary Prose
• Resistance Literature
• Cultural Dimensions of Child and Adolescent Literature
• Narratology and Literary Criticism
• Translation and Contemporary Literature
• Persian Language and Literature Promotion


Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: 2022-04-04

Conference Date: 2022-05-30


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